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They took our rights away from us... we're going to take them back!

The "People's Choice" initiative establishes a primary system which will look nearly identical to the blanket primary system, yet which will also satisfy the constitutional standards set forth by the courts. This is called a "qualifying primary" or "modified blanket primary" system. It is set up so that the top-two vote-getters advance to the general election, regardless of party. And voters may vote for any candidate for any office without having to disclose party affiliation.

This is a fair system, this is the right system, and this is what the people of Washington State have said they want and deserve.

Your politics please?
Cartoon from the 1934 campaign to create a blanket primary

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The blanket primary

"... voters may vote for their choice at any primary ... for any candidate for each office, regardless of political affiliation and without a declaration of political faith or adherence on the part of the voter."

Washington State's unique blanket primary system allowed voters to choose any candidate in a primary without declaring a party. We believe strongly in the independence of voters. This vision of the Grange to preserve the rights of voters has lasted 70 years. As long as political parties attack the blanket primary, the Grange will defend the people's right to choose their candidates. Please look through these pages to learn about the key elements of Washington's blanket primary, its history, and the differences between California's and Washington's primary systems. Learn more about the blanket primary.

Terry Hunt
Washington State Grange Master